Sunday, May 15, 2011

Start Saving Now

I'm going to start off with some advice on something you should start stockpiling now so you don't end up missing out when the next patch hits. Mageshadow over at JustMyTwoCopper has already posted that you should start stocking up on Truegold because all the new BS and Engineering recipes call for 8 each. Well he hit the nail right on the head but he did also miss something.
Each of these recipes also calls for 5 Hardened Elementium Bar. Hardened Elementium Bar are made by a miner with 10 Elementium Bar and 4 Volatile Earth. Doing the math here shows that each recipe will use a minimum of 20 Volatile Earth. With these new items being ilvl 365 and most of them being weapons, nearly everyone is going to want at least one. I don't know about you, but on my server there are a few hundred Volatile Earth on the AH at any given time daily, nowhere near the amount that will be needed to make all these recipes. So if you're a BS or an engineer, or if you just want to cash in on the big rush, start saving your Volatile Earth now. The prices shouldn't be too high so just buy whenever you feel like you're getting a good deal.


  1. Hey Nick, Nice post I think you are right about the Hardened Elementium Bars they are gonna be a nice dump if you can get the Elementium ore cheap still :D good way to move it


  2. Nice tip, Earth was nice and cheap this weekend so time to stockup

  3. Don't forget to check both factions on your server. I've found mats running 1/2 my normal cost on the opposite faction's auction house.

  4. Indeed thanks for the tip flux.