Monday, May 16, 2011

Start Saving Now Pt. 2

I never intended for my post from yesterday to turn into a part 2, but after a data run last night I had to include this as well. Yesterday I told you that you needed to start saving up your Volatile Earth for the new recipes that are coming in 4.2. Well it just so happens that my JC daily yesterday was the Elemental Goo quest. In this quest you have to collect Goo that drops from any of several elementals. The best place to complete this achievement is in Mount Hyjal just outside of where you get ported to (literally take the port then walk forward 30 feet and you can't miss it). There are tons and tons of Scalding Rock Elemental here that have a near instant respawn rate and only 31k hp, making them quick kills. The reason this ties into yesterdays post is that these elementals also have a 9% drop rate of Volatile Earth.
So I decided since these guys drop Volatile Earth that I would try and farm then for an hour and see exactly what I could get. I also use a Potion of Treasure Finding during this hour just to make some extra gold, as that is the ultimate goal afterall. Below is a screenshot of what I was able to loot during my hour. I opened all the Tiny Treasure Chest before I took the screenshot and I'll also list everything just so you know what I got.

53x Volatile Earth
4x Volatile Air
11x Volatile Life
5x Volatile Water
7x Green Drops - yes there are only 3 in the picture, I put 4 on the AH before I thought about taking the pic
4x Elementium Ore
28x Embersilk Cloth
1x Uncommon JC Pattern
Tons of Vendor Trash worth 62g 65s

So if you value everything together it's a few hundred gold, not the best farming spot, but I'm looking at the farming potential of the Volatile Earth. If the price of these spike like I'm predicting they will, you'll be very glad you spent a few hours farming.

As of time of post I have sold 5 of the greens for over 150g so this is indeed a good way to just make some extra gold and stockpile your volatiles at the same time.

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